Facility Management

LabTracks represents a new generation of facility management software. Flexibility, compatibility, functionality and security ensure a continually optimal solution.


Key Benefits:


+ Homepage featuring a user-specific calendar

+ Rack map visuals with “cage days” statistics for census and optimizing cleaning schedules

+ Chart graphic for tracking and improving breeding performance

+ Ability to easily analyze statistics (such as weights) using graphs

+ Easy to use drag-and-drop interface

+ Report generation functions can save hours of your time

+ Know where your resources are at all times, and who is responsible

+ Track resources inside and outside your laboratory

+ Seamless interface with our other software applications

+ MSDS data storage capabilities

+ Alerts and automatic transfers reduce the risk of human error

+ LabTracks adapts to the unique, changing needs of your facility


Want To Learn More?


The best way to learn more about LabTracks is to contact us today. We’ll schedule a live, in-depth demonstration using GoToMeeting, allowing you to get a thorough look at what we have to offer.

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