Thermo-regulation & Emergency Preparation


Spacegel reusable heating pads can be activated whenever animals or cages need additional warmth. Simply click the metal disc, the content will heat up to 130F instantly and stay warm for a couple of hours, depending on surface. Do not place animal directly on the heating pad. When pad is cold, simply boil or steam, see enclosed instructions, to turn back to “ready”, liquid state, then cool and re-use up to 150 times.





Spacedrape is a laminate of hydrophobic surgical drape and Mylar. It may help maintain the animal’s body heat while anesthetized and during recovery.

The reflective drape works by reflecting the animal’s body heat. It also reduces evaporation.

The material has little insulating value and should be used as a wrap, drape, blanket or pouch as opposed to a pad or underlay. It is strong and flexible and can be fenestrated as needed.




The material is available as non-sterile rolls or ETO sterilized, as pouches of different sizes.