Optimize Your Animal Facility

Optimize Your Animal Facility

If you’re here, it’s because you’re ready for a solution to the frustrations that have been plaguing your current system.





These can include, but aren’t limited to:

+ Loss of important data due to corrupted files and insecure file formats

+ Loss of important animals due to incorrect identification

+ Loss of equipment and materials due to the lack of a tracking system

+ Security concerns arising from a lack of proper data protection

+ Increased cost of staff because of mismanagement of staff hours

+ Time wasted searching for information and compiling reports

+ Frustration caused by convoluted or nonexistent communication channels

+ Loss of money due to a non-comprehensive system for charging investigators


Luckily, LabTracks can solve all of these problems (and more.)


Time, money, and frustration-saving features include, but aren’t limited to:

+ A solution based on rugged commercial database systems (such as Oracle)

+ Tracking of animal identities through compatibility with ear tags, tattoos, cage-card barcodes, and transponders

+ Tracking of equipment and materials, including locations

+ Permissions and roles configurable for groups and individual IDs, compatible with LDAP servers

+ Staff and task management with personalized Homepage calendars

+ Customized reporting, configured either by you or as a service

+ Internal capabilities for emails and alerts (that can be automated)

+ A comprehensive system for tracking accounts, including chargebacks

+ The choice of using either a web or rich client, dependent on your needs


Could LabTracks be right for you?


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