100B 1.25 Specifications

ID 100B/1.25mm NANO Transponder

By combining the smallest transponder dimensions with a functional read range, the ID100B/1 .25mm Nano provides a minimally intrusive solution for smaller species including neo-natal animals. A 16.5-Gauge, ultra-thin wall thickness needle (0.125mm) reduces animal stress during transponder implantation. The Luer locked hub on the needle providing a secure gun to cannula connection ensuring a stable implantation process.

  • The Trovan “Unique” transponder has laser-programmed ROMs, mechanically encoded during manufacture, and as such, are not subject to the same limitations or identification number duplication risks, inherent in other manufacturer’s chips. Similarly, the patented design contains only 6 components compared to up to 19 built into other chips, consequently reducing the number of possible failure points.


  • Bio Compatible Glass encapsulation
  • Unobtrusive, even in the smallest species (eg neo-natal)
  • Read range – 75mm with GR 250, Over 30mm with LID 573
  • Each transponder comes in sterilized blister packs
  • Reusable Implanter with disposable needle
  • Small diameter allows positioning in Gauge 16.5 needle
  • 20 mm long needle with ultra-sharp beveled needle
  • Luer Lock fitting implanter

Implanter with 16.5 Gauge needle attached

Specification Sheet

Locus Technology, Inc. info@locustechnology.com ID100B/1.25 NANO & IMPLANTER 1/23/2023